Luis Ricardo

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My name is Luis Ricardo, I was born in Puebla (1979). My work has been shown in cool international NFT exhibitions around the metaverse, Heco Chain, Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, etc. some of them as a result of being part of the 2021-2022 Searchlight artists. I am an active participant in the Latin American NFT community, and a founding member of the Mexican collective NFTianguis.

When a character doesn't look alive, I stop drawing them. 

I am a featured artist on the Norwegian NFT platform, which runs on Binance. If you want to know the full picture, please remind me to tell you the story "Beeple plus Jorge Gonzalez". My work of 300+ 1/1 NFTs can also be found on Foundation, Hic et Nunc, Kalamint, Showtime, und so weiter!


First, I go analog, with the centuries-old egg tempera medium, the color pencils, my daughters' crayons -melted on the cooker- and, especially, the ballpoint pen. On top of that, I add a fine layer of digital sparkling in the form of artificial intelligence, coloring, and cut-out animation.


I work while listening to music (preferably) or while people talk l to me (mainly); my drawing has become almost automatic. I like to deform the human anatomy, except for the eyes, which I draw with small light reflections.


Nude Floating Out Of The Pool 


Rabbit Hole

The Dressing Room