The story goes like this. Luis Ricardo draws and paints all the time because he suffers from anxiety. He draws everywhere, on napkins, on the metro tickets, literally everywhere. In 2013 he became father and his daughters eventually brought some art material from school, so he started painting as well. 

Hombre con gorra

Hombre con gorra.

Spotty Face

Rebeca Martell from Liliput Gallery in Puebla discovered his drawings in 2017 and her friend Robert Weissenbacher taught Luis Ricardo the egg tempera technique and the rest is History. By night, I do some animations online, mainly on Giphy. Some of my shows go as follow:

  • Luis Ricardo, in Philiput, Filadelfia (2019)

  • Notables Comics about Puebla (2019)

  • Detener el infinito / Stopping infinity (collective) (2017)


  • B por debajo del agua / B, Submarine. (2017)

  • Lo nuevo es lo olvidado / We think it's new, but it's just forgotten (2016)