My First Miracle: The Day Our Token Skyrocketed

It had been weeks since our NFT marketplace was working smoothly. The guys at had implemented the features we were waiting for: Split royalties, multi-minting, low gas fees, zero platform commissions on sales… But Still, our $nftart token was near the historic low at 0.0000000005. So, Monday night I bought some tokens because they were cheap (I do this at and put them to stake at Pancakeswap.

Some Balancing Going on, here.


On Tuesday I was featured on Enter’s Twitter with this image.

Jozin asked that Tuesday: “Will Louis change the downtrend?”, I answered “I hope we all do”. So, by Wednesday, when the token was 22% up, I claimed it was MY miracle.

#NFTart token 22% up

“After Enter mentioned me, this happened. Coincidence? MAYBE”- I said. But by the time the raise was not of 22% but of more than 164%, I went to Enter’s Discord to see what happened. Apparently it had nothing to do with me but with something called the #entershillgang and #enterarmy. These guys from Norway did not want to do marketing until the platform was flawless. And the time had come. It was pure genius, and also a class of Sociology.

This is not any type of financial advice. Religious, advice, MAYBE.